Rozendal Farmer’s Punch is South Africa’s Switchel

Rozendal Farmer’s Punch is South Africa’s Switchel

Try our perfect summer drink at Auberge Rozendal, a non-alcoholic liquid pep to quench summertime thirst,  referred to as our Farmer’s Punch.

This high turbo elixir is inspired by the age old Switchel. Switchel is popularly known as haymaker’s punch, a welcome drink for thirsty American farmers in the 19th century. In its original form, Switchel is made from ginger, vinegar, honey or maple syrup. Its revival is now celebrated in international artisanal markets and high end cocktail bars alongside its kombucha and kvass competitors.  

Giving Switchel an organic, farm fueled antioxidant kick with a distinct South African twist, is the way we do it at Auberge Rozendal. Made from Hibiscus and Buchu tea, ginger, honey and our famous Fynbos Vinegar, this cooling summer refresher is the perfect by-the pool accompaniment and great to take along for Rozendal farm picnics too.

Health Benefits

Like an A-list of health benefits, our Farmer’s Punch helps fight inflammation with the digestive-boosting properties of ginger. The addition of Hibiscus Tea, made from the dried calyces of the Hibiscus Flower, adds essential anti-oxidants and crimson tones to the mix, like the red and orange hues of our Rozendal sunsets. Helping the body fight free radicals, Hibiscus and Buchu are all-star ingredients.

The distinctive sweet, lemony fragrance of Buchu was celebrated by the Khoisan as an elixir of youth. Chewing the leaves was one way to extract its benefits, infusions and poultices were others. Luckily guests at Auberge Rozendal only have to sip from the sweet-deliciousness of freshly made brews to derive the full pleasure and benefits – from fighting bacteria to flushing kidneys. True to the love of local and organic, Rozendal’s Farm Punch is an ode to the fynbos floral kingdom from which Buchu hails.

At Rozendal we take ‘local is lekker’ to new heights and so it is that our award-winning vinegar is also added to the internationally inspired, locally-curated punch, a South African Switchel if you will. The vinegar used in our punch hails from our Vinaigrier, an ode to the traditional French Orleans method which uses oak barrel-matured red wines cultured by indigenous bacteria.

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