What do the Rozendal animal citizens love most in life?

What do the Rozendal animal citizens love most in life?

Every day at Rozendal is much the same as the day before, and likely to be much the same as the day to come. There is a distinct pleasure to this rhythm, and we have our furry, feathered, four-legged friends, the Rozendal animal citizens, to thank for that.

  Lehaina Hugo Benedict the dog

At the first light beaming over the Botmaskop mountain on to Rozendal, Polly Rococo will cockle his first doodle-doo before marching off to eat the fresh mulberries that fell from the tree overnight. Soon after, Thembalani opens the gate to the pasture where Lehaina and Soleil will spend the day ruminating, contemplating, and watching life on the farm go by. And all day long Hugo, Jasper and Leila will seek out adventure, running along with the horses on an out-ride in the mountains, playing rough-and-tumble with each other, or making a new best-friends-forever with a dog loving visitor. And during the golden hour, when the sun sits low to light up all the leaves on the farm, Truffles will saunter to her pen where a feast of restaurant left-over treats await her.

I have watched these citizens of Rozendal with delight for many seasons, and have come to realise why watching them gives such pleasure – they know exactly what they love to do, and they get to do it every single day. So now, when modern life takes a taxing turn, I take a moment to imagine what they’re up to right then, and it gives me a sense of peace with the world, knowing that there is a small valley tucked away in the Stellenbosch mountains, where everything is just as it should be.

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  • Norbert Linke

    Hi Veronica,its Elli and Norbert Linke from Berlin.
    Please confirm our booking on Rozendal from 25.Jan to 7.Feb 2018,wich we agree last year.
    We looking forward to see u all again.
    Best Wishes for the new year.

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