Fynbos Marinated Chicken Skewers Recipe

Fynbos Marinated Chicken Skewers Recipe

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with the Food Fox to create this delicious recipe, Fynbos Marinated Chicken Skewers Recipe just in time for summer inspired by our Rozendal Fynbos Vinegar.

Rozendal vinegar makes an excellent marinade, because it is packed with complex, tangy flavours and it will soften your meat. Add some honey and thyme to make a deliciously simple, sticky basting sauce that works wonderfully on chicken, pork and lamb – great in the pan, but equally great on the fire. The sugar content and the colour of the vinegar creates a beautifully dark and glossy finish. Don’t forget to season well with salt & pepper.

Fynbos Vinegar Marinated Chicken Skewers Recipe


Ingredients: (makes about 6 skewers)

4 large chicken breasts, cut into bite-size cubes

60 ml Rozendal Fynbos Vinegar

45 ml honey

15 ml chopped thyme leaves

salt & pepper

olive oil, for pan-frying


Place the chicken cubes in a medium size bowl, then add the vinegar, honey, thyme and season generously with salt & pepper. Mix well to coat all over, then leave to stand in a cool place to marinate for 30 minutes (or in the fridge for up to 2 hours). Use clean hands to skewer the meat, then fry in a large non-stick pan until just cooked on all sides (don’t overcook, as it will go dry). If you are braaing over a fire, use the marinade juices to keep on basting the skewers while cooking. Serve immediately with a side salad or salsa.

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