Our 5 Favourite Craft Brewers

Our 5 Favourite Craft Brewers

We love the burst of craft brewers that are malting, mashing and fermenting their way to artisanal mastery. With the likes of Cape Brewing Company, Stellies, Boldhurst, Citizen and Wild Beast breweries mastering their signature ranges for thirsty fans (yes, we’re right up there), we’ll be shouting their praises, and toasting in solidarity with every sensational sip.


Craft Brewers - Stellies Eike Stout   Craft Brewers - Stellenbosch Brewing Company

Local is lekker and none more so than the uniquely branded Stellies’ crafted beers, with the Bos Weiss and Eike stout top of our list from this nano brewery located on the Joostenberg Farm. We love quenching our thirst with these flavour-saturated ales and lagers identified by their iconic packaging of squirrels, oaks and mountains.

Cape Brewing Company

Craft Brewers - CBC beer

You know you’re in for a treat when spice and fruit combine in a heady brew, as is the case with Amber Weiss. From their state-of-the art brewery, CBC fashion seasonally inspired beers that visitors to the Spice Route experience (on site) get to pair with the best of South African biltong.

Boldhurst Brewing

Boldhurst winner

In the case of Boldhurst, small means big flavor. Brewed with passion, this garagiste-style operation keeps pushing the boundaries of beer crafting and lapping up the rewards. Winner of the 2015 Devil’s Peak Homebrew competition and top 10 finalist in the 2014 National Homebrew Championships, this is one micro-brewery you’ll want to visit. What’s more, it is located on our farm!


Citizen Beer    Citizen Beer range

Citizen Beer, we know, is brewed with honour and in keeping with time-held beer crafting traditions. Word of mouth in this case, is creating a growing following from Cape Town to Durban and Jozi to Port Elizabeth. For lovers of the American Amber Ale style, Alliance is a malty-caramel, subtle-smooth and very moreish beer from its up-and-coming Cape Town creators.

Wild Beast

Wild Beast Brewery

Brewing from on an old wine cellar on the Remhoogte Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, two brothers have combined the best of worlds to craft beers of character. Named after the formidable Wildebeest, these slow-brewed beers coach out the flavours of malt and hops. We think it is best to try it on tap from their tasting room. Why not take the Wild Beast by the horns?

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