What do Rozendal’s favourite citizens love most in life?

Every day at Rozendal is much the same as the day before, and likely to be much the same as the day to come. There is a distinct pleasure to this rhythm, and we have our furry, feathered, four- legged friends to thank for that.


At the first light beaming over the Botmaskop mountain on to […]

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What to do with green figs?

As the saying goes….”Waste not, Want not”. In the Spring, the fig tree produces its first batch of figs from last years reserves.  These figs don’t ever fully ripen.   To make good use of them a recipe evolved to make something inedible into something utterly delicious.  A traditional South African recipe, Green Fig Preserve.
Green Fig […]

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Rozendal Spring Fever

A friend of Rozendal, Sandra Hill describes her experience of Rozendal in the Spring […]

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Our 5 Favourite Markets in Stellenbosch

We are very fortunate to have such great markets in Stellenbosch each with its own character and flair.

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Much more mulch

Why do we love mulch so much you may ask?
Being an organic farm for 20 years we have not used any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers for a very long time. We rely solely on sound environmental practices to keep the pests and weeds at bay and to increase the fertility of the soil.
Mulching is […]

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Ushering in a new era

Auberge Rozendal Guesthouse, a family business since 1991, has for almost 7 years been under outside management, but from 1st June 2014 will be returned to family hands under Nathalie and Alexander Ammann.Their shared passion and complementary talents has grown the Rozendal Vinegar business into a successful export business with distribution in the USA, Europe and […]

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Creative Writing Workshops with Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is a creative writing facilitator with many years of experience working with organisations and groups. Her poetry and prose has been published by New Contrast, Aerodrome, Jacana and Umuzi. She has a masters degree (cum laude) in Creative Writing.

The Things Writers Need …

It is the middle of a busy Thursday afternoon and I […]

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Our Five Favourite Restaurants in Stellenbosch

Of course, we eat regularly at Rozendal Restaurant, enjoying the Fresh Green Salad, Lamb with Red Onion Sauce and the Lemon Verbino Ice-Cream. But when we feel like venturing out of our little paradise into town, there are a few restaurants we love and can highly recommend.

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Tomo and Kenji of the FOOA Food Label

Rozendal Vinaigrier Nathalie Amman answers some questions about the serendipitous meeting with the guys behind the FOOA Food label.

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Mothers Day Celebration

This year Rozendal spoilt all the mothers with good food, laughter and family happiness. The children fed Truffles (our own potbelly pig), the horses and enjoyed the jumping castle while the moms had a relaxing day under the trees enjoying nature and our delicious food.

Here are some pictures summarising the events of the day.
If you would like any […]

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